Vegan Specials

Vegan Specials

Well, well let me give you the good news first: We finally have two vegan specials in our menu and this has proven to be a real success. Last Friday while we were deciding the new chef's specials I decided to share my thoughts with the chef. I am not a pro in the kitchen, but I am a great food lover and I always try to be as updated as possible with what other restaurants are offering to their customers. For quite a long time now I have been suggesting to the chef to prepare a few vegan dishes and he would always say that we already have them. We had quite a lot of vegetarian options that could easily be turned to vegan, but we didn't have a proper vegan dish, so I thought to give it another try and ask him again. Needless to say, that last Friday was my lucky day because he agreed with me directly. We both came up with a lot of ideas and finally decided on two very special dishes. We wanted to offer something that our customers won't find anywhere else but here. Chef Alex proposed a risotto with asparagus, mushrooms and fennel and I suggested a vegan casserole which later was cooked 'alla chef Alex' style'. 

Firstly, I tried the risotto which left me speechless. Not many people can prepare a creamy risotto without using butter and Parmigiano Reggiano and chef Alex managed to cook the creamiest one using only olive oil and Arborio rice. The asparagus and mushrooms were cooked to perfection and the fennel gave the nicest aroma to that plate. It was a burst of exquisite flavours in my mouth! 


Then I had the vegan casserole. A baked aubergine filled with cubic cut courgettes, sundried tomatoes, tomato sauce, garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. OH MY GOD!!! It sent me back to my summers in the Mediterranean coast. A total throwback to my childhood. The aroma and taste were just heavenly. I have tried the beef and vegetable casserole many times before, but I have never liked it as much as the vegan one. This casserole is actually the healthiest main that we now have on the menu and it is perfect for everyone, not just vegans. Since Friday I have been eating it every day and when I am really hungry I usually order one ciabatta as well. Obviously, I also ask for extra chilli oil!!! 


Finally, I would like to invite everyone to come and try our new specials because we have a lot of surprises this month. Soon I will write more about the other new dishes that we have added to our menu. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog!!