The story behind the Veganissimo Burger (you won't believe it)

The story behind the Veganissimo Burger (you won't believe it)

A few months ago I shared with you our new vegan dishes and today I am glad to introduce a new vegan addition to our menu. Veganissimo Burger is our new specialty and I would recommend it to everyone to try it. We are famous for our very big portions so we had to create a beautiful, tasty and huge burger this time too. The chefs recommended a few options and after trying all of them we decided to go with a very simple recipe that everyone can make at home too. The base of the burger are chickpeas and sweet corn blended together with coriander, cumin, and paprika. 


Photo credits: Google February 2019 

To make the patties consistent and homogeneous we added a little bit of flour and then a touch of lemon zest for a richer flavor. We left the freshly prepared patties in the fridge for almost 20 minutes and then fried them until they got the perfect golden crust.


After the burger patty was cooked thoroughly and placed on top of the freshly baked vegan bun, we decorated the plate and added a few more ingredients to complete to perfection this tasty and healthy recipe. We used a few slices of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers bought daily in the local vegetable supplier and decorated the plate with some fresh and crispy salad. Personally, I squeezed a large amount of ketchup and mayonnaise (nonvegan) inside the burger and ordered some extra fries too. I am not vegan but I would definitely become one if I could eat this burger every day :P 


This is a very simple recipe to make but yet so tasty and healthy. We are happy to share it with all our customers because our new vegan menu has proven to be very successful. Thank you to everyone for always loving and welcoming our new entries. We are all working hard to bring new specials more often.

We are also proud to share with all of you that Small and Beautiful is finally partnering with UberEats, Deliveroo and Just Eat so that everyone in London can enjoy our dishes. This year we have decided to become more available in social media too and just a few weeks ago we had the first two instabloggers coming to visit us and reviewing our food. @eating_in_london tried our Whitebaits, Chicken Liver Pate, Chicken Roulade, Puffy Duck, Pannacotta and Tiramisu and they described us as 'a northwest London surprise'. We would like to thank everyone who left a positive feedback on @eating_in_london post and we are looking forward to having you at Small and Beautiful.

Have a look at some of the pictures @drbenjieabrown took that night :) 



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