Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

This is the best fish and chips of the year.

I was the first person to try it when the chef decided to include it in the Summer Specials and I literally fell in love with the dish even though I have had it a thousand times before. I normally try to not eat a lot of it in other restaurants because I'm skeptical when it comes to the amount of oil that it contains. However, when I tried Small and Beautiful's Fish and Chips my idea of the dish changed completely. 

Yes, it is fat and contains a lot of calories but it is also so tasty. The fish is great and unlike every other restaurant that uses frozen fish, our Chef Alex insists on using only the freshest cod because according to him that's what makes a Fish and Chips great. When it comes to the sauces, I am not a big fan of peas to be honest so I normally ask for extra tartar or mayo to dip just the chips because I love the fish as it is, super fried!!! Obviously, I also  order a pint of Peroni every time I have Fish and Chips because the coldness of the beer fades the heaviness of the dish away. Tomorrow is Saturday and I cannot wait to ask the chef to prepare it for me :). 

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Have a lovely weekend!


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