3 Reasons Why Small and Beautiful is The Best Restaurant in Kilburn

1. Small and Beautiful is one of the oldest restaurants in Kilburn 

Everyone in North West London knows Small and Beautiful because the restaurant has been there forever. Most of our customers value us because we treat everyone as a member of our big family. We know everyone who comes at the restaurant to dine and we make sure to show them how valuable they are to us. Trust me or not each of us has developed a bond with every client.


2. A rich and vast menu

Every single customer who comes at Small and Beautiful is surprised by the great number of dishes that we offer. We strongly believe that the more you give to people the more they will love you. Hence, our menu is so rich. You can choose from pasta, pizza, meat or fish. Also, every Friday our Chef Alex updates the menu with some really great choices of special dishes. Have a look at the pictures below and see for yourself how delicious our dishes are. 


Pizza, Prosciutto and Funghi.

35932295_10209200315125106_6905955426513190912_n 1jpg

Pork Schnitzel

Spaghetti Primavera

3. Romantic Ambiance

The restaurant has an old Italian style and it is decorated with so much taste. There are paintings everywhere, candles and low lights during the evening and obviously Jazz Music. During autumn and winter, we play live Jazz every Monday and Thursday. A great selection of wines, delicious food, and amazing music is what each of us wants to find in a restaurant.