Surf and Turf

Our chef Alex thought that it would be nice that during these hot summer days you would be able to enjoy one of the most interesting dishes which has so many flavours inside. For all of you who are seeing surf and turf for the first time let me tell you something. I was as suspicious as you when the Chef told me about it because combining seafood and meat in the same dish is not something we would do everyday. However, after the Chef insisted that I try the dish I was just amazed. There are many different ways of making surf and turf but I am sure this is the best one and mainly because the dish contains my forever favourites ''King Prawns alla Nona''.  The fillet steak is just so soft and fresh (I love it when it is cooked medium rare) and the tiger prawns remind me of the beach and the nice smell of the sea and the sand. And last but not least the sauce is just out of this world. It looks like you have heaven inside your mouth.
 It is really cool to find these top quality dishes in a restaurant in Kilburn and trust me if you try it once you will want to have it again. (don't worry for your wallet too much because it is not expensive)
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I will be waiting for your pictures!!!